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What are Web Push Notifications

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Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have subscribed to your website or the users who have installed your app. The messages that appear on your desktop or device, even when you are not using the app or website are push notifications.

The primary use of push notifications is the delivery of content as fast as possible. If you have a meeting coming up, you want your calendar to remind you. Remember, the notifications you get when someone you’ve subscribed to adds a new video on YouTube.

Now Send Push notifications from your websites with LetReach.

Gone were the days when the push notifications were only meant for apps. If you use LetReach then users who come to your website can opt-in to receive notifications on their mobile and desktop devices. They don’t need to download anything. They don’t need to install anything. They just click ‘Allow’, and they are subscribed! Now we can say that websites come of age !

Want to know how Letreach works ?

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Mobile and Browser Notification

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